More Social Housing Needed in Auckland

Auckland Council is also actively implementing many initiatives to grow the supply of social housing that is affordable by working with the full spectrum of the community housing and commercial sectors.  

“We are operating in a new way so Aucklanders can have a range of social housing options, from emergency shelters and transitional housing to supportive housing for vulnerable populations, including seniors and people with mental illness, to public and non-profit affordable rental housing, market rental and home ownership,” says Penny Hulse. 

“The SHA requirement is that developments provide either a minimum of 10 per cent affordable social housing homes for sale or five per cent be retained over time as community housing.  

“We have one SHA where the affordable housing percentage is 15 per cent. We are also very focused on working in partnership to develop affordable housing on council land that is no longer required. We have a number of developments underway with ‘shared equity’ housing being developed through a community housing provider. A suite of tools is required to address the affordability gap.” 

Auckland Council has a strong commitment to emergency housing and that will continue as will its work on moving the emergency housing sector towards a more sustainable funding model. 


You can read the full report here 

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